Week 8 Update


Hello! I’m Adrian Orszulak and I’m a programmer on Those Guys.

My focus on Those Guys is making some of the environmental effects. I research, integrate and/or implement effects that are used by the designers to build the atmosphere of the world.

My Work

I’m now a full time programmer on Those Guys, so that means I can focus on what I need and want to do to make this game look and feel awesome. I’ve implemented a few systems to try and achieve this. Level streaming is something that I focused quite a bit of time on, and this is used to play the entire game through seamlessly without having all the levels loaded at once. I’m also responsible for making the game camera. I’ve implmented a few different states for it so that we could have a follow state, a cinematic state that will move and focus on another point, and multi-target following state that will try to follow multiple targets and keep them all in view. I’ve also spent a lot of time working on shaders. I’ve focused a lot of my time getting volumetric fog in and working. Using simple shapes like spheres and frustums, we can do a lot in the way of building the atmosphere we want for our game. Currently I’m working on a cutaway shader that will be used to add a cool little effect to some of our objects when they’ve been destroyed by the player.

Update about the game

Mr. Fantastic (Decker) has been working on getting a solution working for tar. He’s using a mixture of fog and the wisps to get something that will catch the players eye and look good when the player throws the ball in it. Adam and Hojun have been working on a few environment pieces like childrens toys and rock walls that we are using to art up some of the levels that we will be presenting soon. Anne has been doing her regular thing, getting impossible amounts of animations done without breaking a sweat.

David S. and Brandon have been working on getting the levels finished up and polished for our upcoming presentations. Jonathan has been reworking the animation system he made a while ago so that we could add some logic for our animations or more easily change animations on the fly.

David F. has been working on his player controller by fixing up bugs and making sure that everything works the way we need it to. It has come a long way and he’s made it work really well, now it’s just polishing it up and getting it ready to present. Hans is working on a solution for aiming our ball. That way players will have a general idea of where the ball will go when they throw it.

Thanks for reading! See you next week as we get ready for Beta and our upcoming trip to California for GDC!
Adrian Orszulak

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