Hi everyone Keith here for your weekly dose of Those Guys!


So we are at an exciting time in the life cycle of Chained. We are just about to head into our Beta milestone, which means that the game is feature and content complete. We still get to do lots of polishing and sprucing up though. Along with the pressure and excitement of Beta we have another awesome opportunity which Asrian briefly mentioned last week. We and another DigiPen team were selected to present at the Intel event down in San Francisco for GDC. This is a huge opportunity for use, it gives us some exposure, a purpose for heading down there, and really puts the pressure on us to succeed. Brandon, David Fenton, Decker, and Jonathan are all heading down to give the presentation, shop the game around, meet some cool interesting people, and maybe even pick up a contact or two to help them get jobs!

What we’ve been up to.

This last week has been crazy for everyone, and we have quite a bit to show.

Adrian has been working to Get his custom fog working with Direct X 11 for the Intel Event

David Fenton, has been fixing player controller bugs as they pop up. Who knew building a platformer character controller that was attached to a weighted object could be so challenging? In exciting new David has gotten an interview with a secret company that needs a rocking programmer. Go David Go!

Hans has been improving the AI and performance of our helper/hinder bats and wisps. They’re looking really good now after Brandon made a pass at them.

Speaking of Brandon he has been hard at work trying to make sure his levels are looking and playing right by incorporating playtester feedback.

Jonathan has been working tirelessly on getting the odds and ends of the game squared away, from the animation controller to making sure the chain stays taunt, to finishing his own level at the end of the game.

David S has been hard at work under some pretty tight design constraints, putting together 3 unique levels to flesh out the middle section of the game.

Anne is progress very well with her animations. Everything looks really good in her animation software , and pretty good in the game itself.

Hojun has been working on “arting” up two levels to include in his portfolio, the Fall and David S. Ball weight level.

Adam has been cranking away on one of our most animation intensive levels of the game. With relive he ahs finished that and moved back to creating environment objects.

Decker has been doing as Decker does, and busting out large chunks of art assets to levels that need them. Performing lighting passes, and putting in so much of Adrian’s volumetric fog it would bring a tear to a Scotsman’s eye.

Jon Everist has been very busy has he has contracted a disease known as “a full time job” but he’s made good and has continued to work on the audio scape of chained, all that’s left is to implement and hear the awesome.

I’ve been stressing out over getting the presentation ready for GDC and trying to make sure that tasks don’t slip through the cracks as we run toward Beta.

Stay tuned as we have some juicy screenshots incoming sooner rather then later.

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