Week 10 Update


David here, just your friendly level designer for Chained.


I was brought on half-way through development to help with the design and construction of three of the gameplay-heavy levels of Chained, as well as to contribute to other aspects of the game’s design. I work side-by-side with the other designers to establish a level flow that fits within the narrative arc and puts the metaphorical mechanics to work. I also get to work on really important tasks with the artists, like hiding toy bears in various breakable objects in every level.


A lot’s been going on. We have just recently wrapped up the Beta build of our game, so technically our game is content complete at this point. We have all of our levels arted and sounded, and a lot of polish has gone in to making the game’s endings effective.The game’s lookin’ real good now and it just needs a little more love before we’re ready to release it to the world.

Now we’re all on spring break and all of our tasks have been met for this milestone, so we’re not really working on anything at the moment. That is, except for GDC prep!

We’ve been invited to a party sponsored by Intel to compete against other school teams for a chance to win some Intel technology for our school. Adrian and the team have been really hard at work getting some of the game’s effects to be compatible with the DirectX 11 build of our game to show off on the Intel hardware they provided us with. John, Brandon, David F., and Decker will be handling the presentation, but the majority of the team will be there in person and/or spirit. This all goes down this Thursday night (3/20), so wish us luck!

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