Those Guys at TGS Sense of Wonder Night

Here it is folks, Chained team members presenting at Tokyo Game Show!

You can see us by skipping ahead to 1:40:00




Keith Leiker – Producer

Jonathan Gregoire – Lead Designer

Decker “Fantastic” Geddes – Lead Artist

2 thoughts on “Those Guys at TGS Sense of Wonder Night

  1. Kind acknowledgement

    That there is a game that tries to have meaning
    Maybe lost among the maelstrom
    But the image is sufficient that it may trigger feelings otherwise
    This is what I felt when watching someone else’s play
    Though in the realm of terrifying obscurity among the maelstrom
    But with enough quality to make itself noticeable
    But perhaps since I am a “hipster” fond of this, and I noticed, and saw something

    A piece of art

    Your game

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