2 thoughts on “[Lets Play] Chained

  1. Coming with very little in the area of fact and research mostly emotion

    Perhaps mindless, and hopeless, there is a concern that one cannot use this medium in a semi-propagandist way (as in to show the grimness of the world or to motivate them to do something about it) to promote activity or sentiment towards some improvement outside of the computer and outside of your skin; towards a rebellion or awareness of corporate misanthropy that will might bring ecological or nuclear horror, (though if you do either, you might end up working as a taxi driver) so that some of the might be better prepared to prevent or survive. But more to the point, often the narrative of a story would be towards a betterment of their predicament, and yet this narrative is typically not assimilated. I fear, if there was an ambition to improve someone, it may prove ineffective, much like how many who watch any of movie would feel moved, but then go back to acting how they did; But worse, there are some who actively resist, their minds prepared with crude stereotype about the thing to help them, for example, cursory searching of the word “feminism” on youtube reveals a great bias against them which I feel erroneously against the whole thing, not the part whom fails to preform, or in the eyes of the camera. I feel your game, for all that it tried to provide a narrative about negative dependence, it might have been similarly ineffective in promoting a emotional narrative about what to do, since we cannot bore our audience with technical solutions. And like how my ambitions to function through it might be comparatively dashed. Even games much better than mine or yours don’t seem to trigger this narrative change, what is learned playing the metal gear series seems to be forgotten.

    Maybe this is just me, displaying a longing to avoid the streets to actuate my fantasy of change, and my naivety avoid it.
    But if you have any evidence that there is any improvement through your art, I’d like to see it.

    I have yet to make my “game/map” so some of my rhetoric is invalid.

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