The Team

Those Guys are made up of DigiPen seniors, through a confluence of happenstance and presumably fate, we have been drawn together to build a unique game experience.

Were composed of 12 members including programers, artists, and designers.


About: Keith has lead the team after reluctantly accepting the rock and roll nature of his fellow team members. He is responsible for high level task management, team cohesion, presentation, and hitting deadlines. Keith’s previous experience has been a valuable asset during the first semester of development. Keith has recently accepted a job offer in the industry and has had to pass of many of his previous responsibilities, but continues to produce for the team, because he loves working with “Those Guys”!



About: Jonathan is a strong believer of games as an art form, and for games to fully realize that potential, they must push pass the story of (admittedly awesome) Space Marines. While designing a game, Jonathan always asks “Why?”; never satisfied with “well, it’s a game.” For Chained, Jonathan focuses on the narrative elements of the title and making sure the rest of the team is unblocked and have a clear direction for what the game is, and isn’t. When Jonathan isn’t working, you can find him either painting miniatures, hanging out with friends, going on some new (and ridiculous) adventure or binge watching something on NetFlix.


About: Brandon is a world builder.  More than just level design, and a focus on gameplay, he loves to flesh out the world, building up the environment to set the worlds atmosphere, enjoying the use of environmental storytelling and creating puzzles which utilize the mechanics in ways to build upon the narrative.  You can find him hiking through the wilderness, summiting mountains and relaxing by alpine lakes; whether rain or shine or snow.

Programmer: Hans Wagner

About: ***


About: Hojun comes from South Korea to study about 3D art. He enjoys working on 3D environment modeling and also he likes to doodling stuff in sketchbook and doing some fun painting in photoshop. When he is not working, he likes watching movies, reading book and playing cello for fun:)


About: Decker enjoys drawing cavemen, making things move, reading about wizards, telling stories, and getting in fights with bad guys.


About: ***


About: David codes awesome things. He likes making games that will leave an impression on someone when they finish. When he is not busy working on the game he enjoys making things with his hands and playing games (not just video games, he also plays Pathfinder and board games with friends).


About: ***


About: David just wants to make good games…and pizza.


About: Anne is the animator of the team. After upgrading past the sticky-note flip books she would make as a kid, Anne now uses her love and fascination of animation not only for game mechanics but to also give each character their own story and personality. On her down time Anne likes studying foreign languages, drawing, gaming with friends, and playing through videos frame by frame.

Environment Art: Adam Purvis

About: Adam enjoys drawing illustrations, modeling environment assets, rigging & skinning, and making environments look awesome. In his off time he performs with the DigiPen Choir  and tries new food whenever possible.

Rockin out 80's style. That's just how we roll.  From Left To Right (David Fenton, Keith Leiker, Adrian Orszulak, Jonathan Gregoire, Hojun Lee, Brandon Anderson, Bottom: Decker Fantastic)

Rockin out 80’s style. That’s just how we roll. From Left To Right (David Fenton, Keith Leiker, Adrian Orszulak, Jonathan Gregoire, Hojun Lee, Brandon Anderson, Bottom: Decker Fantastic, Not Pictured are John Everist and Hans Wagner Not because they aren’t rockin enough they are too rockin really.)

One thought on “The Team

  1. Great game, guys! Beautiful, funny, tricky, plus: something new!

    I only gut stuck at some point and can’t continue. I think it is where you have to climb down and up again for the first time. To the right is some sort of little bell. My ball lies a very small plateau and I tried to pull it, now hangin horizontally from it with no chance to get up or move (jump, pull, throw) otherwise. Will there be a next release? I would love it!

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