Beta Build

Alright, the moment you have all been waiting for, a playable version of our game! Here it is! Enjoy!

ImageClick the image to open up a new tab.

You’ll need to download the Unity web player, sorry for the load times!


Hold Right Shift + P to teleport Player to Mouse Location

Hold Right Shift + a # to jump to that level

Due to it being a web build, you are unfortunately missing out on the awesome shadows and more advanced graphics. Once we hit Gold, we will post an installer that will let you experience the game in all of its glory.

Until then,


Week 11 Update

Hello everyone, Jonathan here.

It has been a little bit since I last got to keep you updated about what has been happening, but hopefully you have at least noticed the Beta Build we have just posted above. We are incredibly proud of the work and quality the game is currently at, and we are even more excited to continue working on it and making it even better.


Perhaps you saw some of us there, but a good portion of our group went to GDC in San Francisco. We had a great time, especially when we showed off our game at the YetiZen party. The feedback was amazing, and was far beyond what we were expecting to hear. We had a large crowd of people as they were either playing or watching the game be played, and it seemed that people were blown away by our project. That is super heartening to hear and definitely boosted our spirits. Not to mention we all got to meet some really cool people there. Thanks guys.

We also wanted to take a moment to thank Intel for hosting the University Game Showcase on last Thursday. I know that David made a mention about it on this website. We spent a good amount of time making a very professional and engaging presentation, and when we went on stage, we definitely did not disappoint. We were one of the few teams without a single technical issue and the crowd seemed thoroughly engaged. While we did not win, we were still very pleased with the experience. Congratulations to Kraven Manor and Demon Wagon studios for winning best gameplay and visuals at the event. All of the games there looked really interesting to play.
ImageA badly-lit photo of us at the Intel Event.

From Top Left: David Scamehorn, Anne Feeny, Jonathan Gregoire, Decker “Fantastic” Geddes, Jon Everist
From Bottom Left: Brandon Anderson, David Fenton

As you can imagine, with GDC happening, not much work got done on the game. More importantly, everyone on the team was able to enjoy their spring break and are excited to finish up the game.

See you guys around,


Quick Update

Hey Everyone, Jonathan here.

Pretty soon we will be putting up the Beta build of the game, including a playable web build here on this website. Before we do that however, the team noticed a few usability issues that we wanted to fix first, so, as soon as that is done, we will have a playable version posted here.

We expect to have it up and running no later than this Tuesday, March 25th.

To hold you guys over until then, we hope this video of one of our later levels will help the wait.