Those Guys at TGS Sense of Wonder Night

Here it is folks, Chained team members presenting at Tokyo Game Show!

You can see us by skipping ahead to 1:40:00




Keith Leiker – Producer

Jonathan Gregoire – Lead Designer

Decker “Fantastic” Geddes – Lead Artist

Week 11 Update


This is Adam Purvis and I am one of the environment artists for Chained.


Well, like David Scamehorn, I was also brought on about halfway through development, primarily to design and create environment assets for use in the game. As time went on I was also tasked with placing assets in game and animating them to achieve some really great effects in some of the later stages of the game. On occasion I am also known to throw in a good idea or two out about other things as well.


Well we just got done presenting our game down at GDC and we received a ton of positive feedback for the game as well as constructive feedback as to where we should take the game next. As of this moment the game is ready to go but with career day just around the corner, we all agreed that we can make the game just a little bit better. Not that it’s not already beautiful, but because we can make it even more so.

Mainly with the polish this time around, we’re focusing on tightening everything up. This means cutting down longer walking segments, re-working some textures, fixing any remaining bugs, and generally just putting the finishing touches on everything. We are all extremely excited for career day and most of all presenting this to the company representatives that attend.

All said and done, we are super proud of what we’ve accomplished and can’t wait to see peoples reactions to the game that we’ve created.

Beta Build

Alright, the moment you have all been waiting for, a playable version of our game! Here it is! Enjoy!

ImageClick the image to open up a new tab.

You’ll need to download the Unity web player, sorry for the load times!


Hold Right Shift + P to teleport Player to Mouse Location

Hold Right Shift + a # to jump to that level

Due to it being a web build, you are unfortunately missing out on the awesome shadows and more advanced graphics. Once we hit Gold, we will post an installer that will let you experience the game in all of its glory.

Until then,