Week 6?


Who is Decker Fantastic?

I am the Art Director/Lead for Those guys!

What does Decker Fantastic do??

Mostly I stress out about the deliverables. But my job means that I am responsible for the entire look and feel of the game, so it kinda makes sense. I lead a team of 3 other artists, as we piece together Chained. This means I do a lot of fun drawings in my sketchbook, have a lot of meetings with the Game Designers, and enable my team to create the world we will all get to play in.


Well we just passed off our Alpha build, and that taught us a lot about how much game we have, and where we want to go with it. It was the first time we were ever able to play from A to Z. In doing so we uncovered a lot of little holes to fill, and a few major bumps to smooth over.

so now we are full scale production of our Beta release. This is a lot of fun because we have everyone working very hard and it is very inspiring how much work can get done if you have a group of very motivated people working on it.

Individually, we have all been working in our specified areas, Hojun and Adam have been started their texture painting to polish up our current art assets. Anne has been kicking serious ass with her animations, and continues to work with Jonathan about implementation. Hojun has also been quite vigilant in his security duties. The programmers write their magic poems with numbers and we are always impressed with their Alligator Factories. The game Designers, have basically rebuilt our game from scratch and it is looking so good.

Anyway, We are all hard at work and some exciting things are coming from it. We are proud of what we have accomplished and excited for what is coming next.